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Duo, Allo, Google Talk, Hangouts WTF?

Google’s Confusing Chat Clients

For some explicable reason Google, of all companies, is a confusing hot mess when it comes to chat clients.  They can produce solid online offerings, but messaging is an area of communication  they consistently get wrong.  One notable exception is  Hangouts.  It was so adept that at one point Google was  encouraging users to make it their default messaging client.  For reasons not known, they are now encouraging users to switch to Allo and Duo, or as I like to call them collectively  “Client Dumb and Client Dumber.”  The functionality that Hangouts posses has been separated into two.  Allo is a messaging application and Duo is a mobile video chat application.  The division of features makes no sense.  When people chat, message, video chat and the like, they prefer to be in one application not two, or three.  However, Google is not the only one out there messing up in chat arena.
Stalwarts of messaging AIM, and Yahoo have become more anemic than robust.  Yah…

Hey Google: Your Phones Are Too Damned High!

 I Do Not Want to Upgrade to a Smaller Phone, Google!
Planned Obsolescence: A real F U you move to consumers

Obsolescence for the desktop computer has historically been two years.  Currently that cycle has come to a screeching halt.  Innovation is at a standstill. Smartphones are the center of computing for most.  They now have a two-year cycle.
                Google’s once  standard bearing phone, the Nexus 6, is at the end of the line for updates.  After two years on the market, no more operating system updates is the hard and fast rule. 
From my vantage point, this is all about forcing you to shell out more cash for a phone you do not need, or may even want.  Has technology advanced so far so fast that two years is it for a handheld?  Is this necessary?  I am not convinced that it has this way, unless you want to perpetual live on the bleeding edge of technology.
                Over time, phones have gone from having replaceable batteries to those that no longer have this option…